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    Shenzhen HongWave Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on R & D, production and sales in the field of industrial control and industrial automation.Our R & D team has many years of R & D and manufacturing experience,Can undertake the customization and development tasks of various industrial and consumer electronics products,Provide customers with complete system solutions.

     For many years, we have cooperated extensively with domestic and foreign industry manufacturers and universities to successfully develop a series of diesel high pressure common rail test bench control system software and various diesel system testing products, which fully meet the needs of domestic and foreign industry users.

     Diesel system testing software, covering various common rail injectors, common rail pumps, electronically controlled inline pumps and distribution pumps, HEUI injectors and HEUI pumps, EUI / EUP, SCR doser and other components detection, can accurately measure the working parameters of each component, the operating conditions of each working condition, accurately determine the problem, It is an essential assistant for automotive maintenance personnel.

    We advocate the business philosophy of "technical innovation, quality-oriented, service-first". We take customer satisfaction as our responsibility, continue to improve our products, and constantly develop domestic and foreign markets.Make every effort to build the company into a well-known enterprise in the auto repair equipment industry and electronic product design industry.



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